Architecture Steel

AMS (South East) Ltd offers a complete range of expert knowledge for all architectural steel projects. Working with our of designers, fabricators and welders, the team at AMS (South East) Ltd can help you with the design for your project from concept to completion.

steel internal staircase

Internal Staircases

A wonderful designed architectural steel staircase can create a beautiful feature for any house or building . Our custom designed and fabricated staircases can be fabricated to any size and specification. Finished to compliment any interior we can work with you to ensure that not only do the aesthetics look great but the staircase will be structurally sound. Our commercial and residential staircases come with a variety of different options for handrails and balustrades to suit your needs.

External Staircases

AMS (South East) Ltd can fabricate external staircases for all types of uses for residential and commercial buildings. We design and fabricate all our external staircases in house with our expert design team, paying detailed attention not only to the finished look but the structural integrity for its purpose. Our external staircases can be supplied unfinished or painted to your specified colour. Alternatively, we can weatherproof the staircase by galvanising to prevent rust. All our staircases can be fitted by own team of onsite fitters.

steel external staircase
steel balustrade railings

Balustrade Railings

Our balustrade railings are the perfect finish to your balcony or staircase. Available with many different styles which include glass, steel tubing, steel wire or wooden finishes to match your style our balustrade are fabricated with both safety and design in mind. Our balustrades are also suitable for use on the reception desk of offices and shops, providing the perfect shield against the spread of germs and viruses.

Hand Rails

Handrails not only provide a finished look to a building, but they also serve a very important job of providing safety for users of staircases, platforms and walkways. Our industrial handrails are fabricated from either solid or tubular steel and are designed to provide a continuous flow along at-risk areas. Our handrails can be finished to any requirements to match your needs and can be delivered and fitted by our expert team of onsite fitters.

steel hand rails